Simple Blog Styling and Branding Process

From my last post it may have seemed that I was all over the blog decision-making map and in many ways I was.  Having taken some time to sort through the areas I needed to address, I am excited to share the results:

Web Host - Blogger

After much mental debate over a web host, I have decided that my needs are best met with Blogger.  I have my .com mapped to the site and am “comfortable” with Blogger.  I love the look and feel of Squarespace but I am not at a level to consider that and need to FOCUS on the objective at hand – photography.  After all, that is the reason I started this blog!

Branding – White & Denim Blue

I am and always will be drawn to a minimalist style.  White is a clean and simple favorite color choice for my main blog color palette.   A dark Denim Blue is a secondary color favorite as I live in my jeans outside of work.  There is no better outfit than a white turtleneck and a pair of well loved blue jeans.  Unless you add a pair of white canvas Keds - That’s my look top to bottom!


Typography was an easy choice considering the millions of options.  Believe me, when you Google “typography” there is a wealth of information which can add to the confusion very quickly.  I love vintage, hence my blog and company name type (Old Standard TT) and simple-clean-minimal look for the posts (Josefin Sans).  I think they both work well together and present a nice variation of styles without looking too complicated or mixed-up.

Old Standard TT

Josefin Sans

One of the greatest lessons I learned from my last post to the present is that so many areas of blogging from planning a visual presentation/style/brand, to finding your writing voice and niche, and the insecurities of time management, financial involvement (web hosting and photography equipment) can all be very overwhelming especially it you want it “right” right out of the gate.  This feeling can put the brakes on creativity very quickly.  Take a step back, trust yourself, and breathe.  It all comes together.

On to the next steps in which I will share my yearly blogging editorial calendar.  I also mentioned that I want to share more photo styling, still life examples, and prop finds - this is also in the works.  

I hope you like the small enhancements to my blog.  Please share your comments as I always look forward to hearing from you!