How it all came to be.....

Where does one start when sharing "how it all came to be"?  To start at the beginning would take far too long, to start at the middle would be awkward, so I guess the best place to start "how it all came to be" is from a picture I quickly snapped with a P&S after setting up my new world two years ago....

I had just reconnected with the love of my life and moved back to my hometown in Midwest WI and started life all over again.  This is the classic high school "Mr. Love of my Life" story and proves we do all end up where we are meant to be - that, my friends, is another post altogether.

As I began settling into this new life, I carved out space for a studio to work on photography shoots, re-doing furniture, crafty bits, and prop storage.  It was in this space that my whole "JoanMarie" world came together.....

Let me emphasize that these photos were taken before the Canon DSLR entered into the equation but I won't apologize for lighting or quality - I still remember that amazing feeling of "these are my treasures" as I took each of these photos.  

Let me emphasize even more strongly that these pictures were taken almost two years ago and the collection of prop madness has grown significantly larger.

So large in fact that I must take a day to re-organize and take inventory!  

I ADORE junk shops, thrift stores, antique shops, and even roadside piles as they each have their own variety of treasure.  I am drawn to what I call "used utility".  Used Utility is the simple, utilitarian, effective, and worn item that at one time served it's purpose and is now at a cross roads of "toss" or "this is really cool and would be great in a shoot!"  You can guess the latter ALWAYS wins for me.

Regarding the "studio" space I am currently working on, I have created a 4x4 room with a painted wall and hardwood floor for still life shots as well as utilizing a small spare bedroom with a white painted wood floor.  These will be in an upcoming post along with updated prop photos.

So, in closing, this is "how it all came to be" and is the foundation of all that is to come with this blog and my increasing love of photography.  

How did it all come to be for you??