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The Morning That Changed Everything

My work week had ended on a nice note and I was up early on a Saturday morning, in my bathrobe enjoying one of many cups of coffee. Sunshine came pouring in through the windows, the birds were singing, and I sat happily in my comfy chair contemplating how to fill the day.

All was right in this slow and relaxed world I found myself in.

All was right UNTIL I picked up my phone.

“Take a selfie” I joked to myself. Myself laughed and said “ok”.

The image was taken. I pulled it up on my phone to see the shot.

That was the instant, in that morning, that changed EVERYTHING.

I looked at the face staring back at me and I was startled at what I saw. My skin was tired, dry, and lifeless. My eyes were puffy, tired, and droopy. A smile was nonexistent on my face. Wrinkles I had not known about a few minutes earlier had made their presence known in loud cavernous screams.

Tiny remnants of mascara from the day before still clung tightly to my lashes. Dark smudges of leftover eyeliner pencil was migrating into never before noticed eye bags. And, to top it all off, I realized my lips had all but disappeared!

Who was this person and why was she glaring at me?

It was me.

Where was the vision of me I remembered in my brain? Did I lose her in my twenties? Thirties? Forties?

Standing at this crossroad of selfie reality I knew I needed to make several changes but had no idea if I should go left, right, up, or down. There I sat, in my bathrobe, feeling sad, confused, angry, let-down, and concerned.

Damn camera phone.

With a huff I got up out of my chair and decided to Google “skin care tips for women over 50” (I’m 53 by the way) and was immediately inundated with links with fantastic “promise of youth” titles to check out.

“Oh Wow, this is awesome” I thought!

What I didn’t know it at the time was that I was about to go down a rabbit hole. A very bad rabbit hole.

The first link/blog I visited was written by a woman who obviously had more money that Fort Knox, more cosmetic procedures than I could imagine, and more suggestions than Pinterest.

Not applicable - I moved on.

The next link/blog I visited started out more “real" and “relevant” until the ads drove me away. I honestly could not read two sentences without another pop-up getting in my way. “good-bye” I muttered as I clicked the back arrow.

This journey went on and on with same result….over and over and over again.

I finally found a site that from the start seemed a nice fit until I realized that it was simply there to promote a direct sales makeup company.

Was there honestly not a single beauty blog left that simply shared “women over 50” skincare and beauty information and product reviews without ads, email subscriber pop-ups, affiliate links, sponsored free product shout-outs, over-priced fashion tips, or cosmetic procedure-free faces?

Now granted I didn’t make it through all several bazillion Google search result pages but the first dozen pages left me empty-handed and frustrated.

Could I be the ONLY woman over 50 who felt this way?

At that moment, it all changed.

I would create, on this blog, exactly what I was looking for!

I work full time outside the home Monday through Friday in a role and with a company I love. That is my income and this blog is my journey documentation to help others, my outlet for sharing the information I have been searching for and was not able to find. My deep down creative passion.

When I began my career life, I was a Cosmetologist for ten years. I would eat, sleep, and breathe everything in the beauty industry. Hair care, skin care, makeup, all of it was my joy. As life moved on, I transitioned into a different professional field but my first love always brings me back to the beauty arena.

Enter, “JoanMarie Co.”

A blog to share my honest opinion of skin and hair care products. New makeup discoveries and impressions, and all the ways to love this stage of life over 50!

Just good old fashioned, old-school information sharing. No ads, subscriber sign-ups, pop-ups, affiliate links, or sponsorship’s.

You might as well know this too, I have never been a fan of social media. No Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or SnapChat. It has never done anything for me and never will. For those beauty blogs focused on numbers, views, and followers, do your thing. I tried them and nope, not happening at JoanMarie Co.

If there is one suggestion I have for you it would be this, simply add my site to your FAVORITES or Bookmark Bar and check in periodically. On your time, if and when you feel like it. If you feel like sharing this site with friends, you have my blessing - pass along the link. If you feel like pinning an image, please do so. If you feel like keeping this site your own personal “over 50” beauty blog - you go girl!

If I have made an impression on just one woman in a truly meaningful way, then I am happy. As one of many Women Over 50 Beauty Bloggers, I am a realist and despise the term “anti-aging”. We are all aging so why not embrace it rather than run from it or pretend it isn’t happening? I want to make my wrinkles look happier, my silver hair snappier, my makeup routine fresher, and my attitude lifted. How about you???

So let’s go play with skin care and makeup, let’s talk ingredients, branding, and packaging. Let’s talk what does and does not work for us. Lets seek out high end luxury brands and familiar drugstore products. Let’s discuss the online ordering conundrums, Let’s be unbiased and unpersuaded in our opinions, and be free to discuss our experiences. All of this in an ad-free, non-sponsored, non-affiliate link blog!

We have much to talk about - new products to review, online ordering from different companies, colors and formulations to test, industry trend research, new posts to write, and more pictures to take.

I have made a ripple tossing a pebble into the online ocean with this blog and am going to believe that that ripple will turn into a beautiful, thunderous, bluish-green, white foamy curling tip mountain of a gorgeous wave.

Let’s see….

Let me know what you think in the comments below - I would love to hear your thoughts!

Take care and let’s talk soon,