October 1, 2018 - I QUIT

After 30+ years I have had enough.

I am quitting smoking.

Today, October 1st, 2018.


I have smoked for a very looooooong time and have tried quitting half-heartedly in the past without prolonged success. It is now time for a complete quit. Not a half-assed quit. A full-on, full-throttle, give er hell QUIT.

Are you surprised by this? Since this is a topic I have never read on the blogs I follow, I decided to be a desperado blogging trailblazer and throw it out there.

I surely can’t be the only one?

Maybe I am?……(que crickets)

Ok then…(ahem)….

I have used this blog to document projects, photography, and life so this is also a perfect forum for me to declare this major lifestyle change. I guess a journal maybe? A chance to explore 50+ lifestyle blogging? Who knows.

I LOVED to smoke. I mean really LOVED. I never smoked in the house or car and never bitched about standing in the rain or snow when I wanted one.


As I think about the directions my life is going, the incredible opportunities I have experienced, and the amount of love I have in my world, smoking was becoming the mud in my puddle.

I am fully aware of the health hazards. I am fully aware of the stigma. I am fully aware of the costs.

Yes, believe me, I know it all when it comes to smoking. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Until recently, these things didn’t bother me on the outside but I feel they were eating away at me on the inside. Realization of all of these aspects carefully moved me in one solid direction forward…

To Quit.


So how do I intend to make this happen successfully?

With bubblegum, licorice, and yarn!

Bubblegum to keep my mouth busy (aside from talking which I also LOVE to do) and yarn to keep my hands busy. The licorice is thrown in for good measure (low fat, sweet, and oh so good).

The plan is working good. So far, so good.

Changing habits and routine (I am a huge routine person) required some creative thinking. I needed a hobby completely different from what I had dabbled with before and something that I could pick up and put down at a moments notice. A hobby that was portable and inexpensive.

Something completely different for a distraction.

Enter the yarn. And a pretty denim blue aluminum crochet hook.

I picked up a skein of beautiful soft white yarn and a crochet hook to just “get-to-gettin”. I do not have a plan for what I am going to crochet, I only know one stitch, but no matter. I am just going to start a straight line of stitches and when I feel like it, I will start start back and keep going. No pressure.

I have a wonderful support system which will make this journey less frustrating and very likely successful. I have new blogging goals and creative visions. This is going to be ok.

One day at a time.