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The "Sophistication of Utility"

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 I want to chat with you about something that has been sitting quietly in the back of my mind for some time.   I knew the idea was there but did not recognize the great potential of this thought until now.  

As I look back through the history of this blog, I realize that by exploring so many creative avenues from photography, sewing, business development, branding, etc. that at the core I was letting myself appreciate the "Sophistication of Utility".  The instant I said these words out loud and shared them on the computer screen, it all came together in an incredible beautiful moment.

I, and maybe you too, are crazy busy with the day to day in our lives.  We are working hard at our goals, dreams, and passions and find that often times there are simply not enough hours in the day to really focus on the end game...happiness.

We are in a world of instant information access, instant communication (remember the busy signal on a land line?), and instant gratification (thank you Amazon Prime).  We fly through the days that turn into weeks that turn into very quickly....

The simple fact that you are reading this blog post tells me you are most likely a kind, creative, and curious soul who like me, are seeking good information that perhaps you can consider incorporating into your own life...information that is applicable to your personal life situation and relevant to your world?  

I would like to introduce you to "The Sophistication of Utility"

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The Sophistication of Utility is simply finding the beauty in the smallest of tasks, the joy in the everyday chores (yes, I said chores), the grandeur of a basic inexpensive vintage collectible, and the beauty in creating with heart and hand no matter what medium you choose.  

I am not a Martha Stewart nor am I a fashion/beauty expert.  I am not an interior decorator or fabulous cook.  I am not a business development guru or graphic designer.  Well then, what the hell am I?

What I am is a person who loves and appreciates the smallest benefits of the simplest idea, product, or imagery.  I appreciate age, patina, and usefulness.  I also adore old-fashioned ways and processes.  I enjoy discovering the "sophisticated utility" in everything around me. 

Here is an example, when I first started this blog, I wanted my own business.  I choose to make dish towels.  Yes, the simple, common, readily available dish towel.  BUT, I focused on sewing them with as perfectly as possible with mitered corners and with fabrics that were useful and affordable.  I envisioned them to be "sophisticated" and "utilitarian".  They had custom made muslin tags and a little hanger...

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I loved these dishtowels.  Really loved them.  I opened a little Etsy shop and sold many of them.  It was an incredible experience but sadly I had to move on as I simply could not keep up with production.  Working a full time job did not allow me enough time to create supply to meet demand.  I only hope that those wonderful customers who purchased my dishtowels are still using and loving them today.  I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

If you are interested you can read more about the Blue Cupboard dishtowels HERE.  There are many older posts in the ARCHIVES section you may want to explore as I dabbled in photography, baking, photoshoots, and some DIY's.  The SEARCH option on the page will guide you through these adventures.

In all I have shared on this blog the underlying theme has been, "the sophistication of utility".  In my mind, the word "sophistication" does not mean stuffy, pretentious, or unattainable.  It means important, meaningful, and attainable.  Utility means just that, useful, purposeful, and hardworking.  Both words combined sum up me and my passions.

In conclusion, I share this as that is the direction my blog is leading me.  That is the direction my shared information to you in the upcoming posts will provide.  Sophisticated Utility will be available to everyone, anytime, and anyplace.  Simple, peaceful, and inspiring thoughts and suggestions to incorporate into your own world should you choose.

I promised I would share highlights of my framed photography that I intend to show at our local art gallery this summer and am in the slow and precise process of adding the dust covers to the back along with the labels and certificates of authenticity.  I am not rushing through this as each piece is so meaningful to me and I want to present them to you and the world in the best way possible.  The photography collection/theme is titled "The Sophistication of Utility" and I hope you will enjoy them.

In the days, weeks, and months ahead I will be sharing so much more and am looking very forward to your visits.  Let's venture together into "Sophisticated Utility" and absorb all there is to see and feel.

Wishing you a beautiful day,