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A Journey to Going Grey

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One year ago, almost to the day, I made the decision to stop coloring my hair the same medium brown shade I had used every three weeks for the last 30 years.  I was ready for a change and knew it would take time AND courage.

I have always worn my hair short with the sporadic episodes of "let's grow this out" which have never lasted long or ended well.  Due to this, the obvious plan would be to let my short brown colored hair grow out as long as possible and then visit the stylist for an extremely short cut.

The thought of trying highlights and lowlights, etc. during this process did not appeal to me.  Having been a cosmetologist for the first 10 years of my "career" life, I knew what would be involved and chose to just slam head first into the change.

Here is a very blurry BEFORE picture from about 6 years ago that shows my standard, tried and true, short brown colored haircut.....I believe I had this look for close to 20 years.

When my hair had grown out as long as I could stand it, I went to a new salon and explained my "go grey" ultra short haircut request.  As expected, my stylist went into a rant about highlights, lowlights, foils, etc. to which I replied "please just cut it short....".  The razor came out and in a matter of minutes I truly had one the shortest haircuts in my life.  

Not only was this haircut short but I was left with a tortoise-shell look due to the last chunks of brown that remained.  Little did I know this short haircut would make for the longest summer of my life.  Here are the "during" photos.... 

Yes, I looked and felt like a feminine old man.....there was simply not enough makeup in the world to change this.  Onward I forged....forged for another 6 months of feeling so awful.....there was no turning back and I never once reached for the color bottle to admit defeat.  It just had to come out good for the price I was paying in feeling just ugly and awful....

Then one day, about six months into the over-grown military haircut stage....I made another haircut appointment (different stylist) and boldy walked in and kindly asked for a fun short haircut that would change my world.  A haircut with my new "silver" hair that had now almost completely taken over.  She smiled, picked up her scissors and began cutting.

As the final brown little blobs were trimmed away with her skillful scissors, I slowly started  to see myself completely differently.  I was seeing "me" in all my natural haircolor glory.  A "me" that smiled when she looked in the mirror...a me that was suddenly so proud of her silver hair.  A me that finally won the old man ugly haircut saga of that long hideous summer last year....I saw me.... 


As a 52 year old woman, I share this process and these pictures so that if someone is considering "going grey", I happily say just do it.  It may not be the easiest thing you have ever done but the rewards are many.  Everyone will have their own thoughts on how to get through the transition and those plans may not be as severe as the path I chose, but however you decide to travel to go-greyville, trust will love it!

I had zero idea how the natural color would appear and am delighted with the silvery white shade.  This transition really changed my world in so many ways.  It has been so much fun experimenting with new makes up colors and as far as the outfit colors, well that has been a whole new journey as well.  As an odd bonus, which I would never have expected, I feel younger and sooo alive!  I feel more confident and toughened up for new challenges.

Are you considering this journey?  Find you path and boldly go forward.  Once you arrive, get a fun haircut, test out new makeup shades, try on a clothing color you never thought you looked good in before and get ready for a whole new world. Your spirit will soar, your face will smile, and your heart will sing....just at the thought of "you being you". 

Leave behind the hair coloring maintenance and the salon bills, let the wind blow your hair all over without skunk stripe worry and OWN the "you" you are.  Wear yourself proudly and let the world know you mean business.  It will feel so good, I promise. 

Let me know your thoughts, visions,ideas and plans for your own journey in the comments below.  Let me be your strongest support during the process and when you get ready to cross the silver/grey finish line, I will be your biggest cheerleader! so got this!

Until next time friends,