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The Power of Creativity

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I don't watch the news much anymore.  I have come to the realization that no matter how much I disagree or don't understand what is happening in a political environment or with the stock market, it makes little difference.  How much time and energy do I want to spend trying to decipher the information?  How can I watch people assemble and protest while knowing that their voices may most likely fall on deaf ears?

How many stories of murder statistics, high dollar athlete contracts, or sex scandals can one person absorb?

This is not say I am cold and calloused to the world changes or economic efforts, it simply means that with the precious time I have on this earth, I can easily agree to disagree and make my personal and family life as beautiful as possible. 

With this mentality and by concentrating on creating  art through images, words, heart, hands, and eyes, our creative efforts instill a domino effect of greater peace and living more slowly.   Those around us take pause to view and listen.  Like or dislike.  We find ourselves removed from sadness, confusion, and anger.  We collectively grow our strengths of love, compassion, and encouragement.

We Thrive. 

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The greatest joy of being creative is seeing the world differently.  For example, when driving to work, as creatives we may immediately notice the gorgeous shades of green beginning to develop after a long white winter.  What we don't see is ourselves behind the mower once or twice a week, the price of gas,  or how much laundry is waiting for us when we get home.

Creative types dream, we look deeper, we appreciate more fully, we love unconditionally. 

Just pretend for a minute that for one day the world held a huge art class.  You could show up at anytime, grab your supplies of choice, and just start creating.  You could sit anywhere you liked and create whatever you wanted.  There is no contest or prize, just people slowing down and making.  There would be encouragement, compliments, quiet moments, laughter, conversations without judgement, and wonderful treasures created all over the place in words, with paint, with pencils, through cameras, with sewing machines, with knitting needles, or clay.  

What a gallery we could create!

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At the very same time, we would find ourselves learning more about our neighbors whether in our backyard or across the ocean.  We would be enlightened by the thoughts, the visions, the feelings coming to life all around us.  Folks terminally ill, homeless, or alone and sad would all be given hope and some form of peace.  We would help each other, encourage each other, laugh and tell stories, love each other.  Matters of skin color, culture, political beliefs would become non-existent...we would simply be human beings living and creating.

Now you might be thinking this idea is complete bunk, unrealistic, or insane.  That's really is and here is my reasoning.  You read these words, perhaps envisioned the scene and I would bet that for a moment, you believed in it.  You saw it.  You heard it.  You felt it.  Maybe it was only for a tenth of a second.  If so, for a tenth of a second, you slowed down and felt encouraged or realized no matter your social or economic position you were a very small part of what collectively could be a huge kind and caring community.

You didn't scramble to your Facebook page or Instagram feed for fear of missing something.  You weren't glued to your phone or email.  You didn't despise your boss or co-workers.  You didn't fret about the charts, graphs, or numbers.  You didn't worry about bills or health issues. You didn't worry about feeding your children or when that new job would appear.  For a tenth of a second you felt the world all surrounding just you for who you are.  You were empowered to tackle your issues.  You felt the world "having your back" and ready to help you live and love more deeply. 

You were going to be better than OK because you, for a brief moment in your time on earth, simply believed.  You created.

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Write that poem that has been hidden in your thoughts.  Paint that picture you see in your mind.  Sew that fabric that sits in the corner of your stash room.  Take your camera for a walk without a plan.  Feel that cool and damp clay in your hands. Sketch that apple on the table. 

Let your heart and hands work together to create something that is the most perfectly unique, one of a kind, masterpiece in the whole wide world.  Think about it....the only creation of it's kind in the world.  It is yours forever and ever.

Make something today and help someone else make something.  Encourage someone's dream and thank them for being part of your life.  Compliment someone's smile and say "thank you" as many times as possible.  Be Creative.

I hope these words added a bit of joy to your day and if so, I am happy to have given that just to you, just as you needed.

Wishing you mountains of creativity,