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Microfiber Cleaning


There are few things that compare to the feeling of a job well done.  That feeling of hard work followed by the worn out contentment of blissful accomplishment.  To find yourself surrounded by the peace emitted from a house you have just cleaned.

Not just the quick ten minute tidy or the flash wipe of the counter tops but the slow and deliberate act of cleaning.  Cleaning with a purpose and strong intention.  Setting aside a full day to work through the housecleaning process wrapped in a slow and steady pace.  Real honest to goodness deep cleaning.  The kind of clean that makes you want to invite everyone over to enjoy the outcome with you.

In the past, my cleaning arsenal included various rags and towels, all types of spray cleaners, a few magic eraser sponges, and dusting spray.  This basic equipment along with the vacuum cleaner and broom/dust pan combo typically produced good results.  I have to admit that I would go through a pretty lengthy strip of paper towels as well due to the "ease of grab" and I knew deep down this was not really necessary but wasteful as well. 

The cleaning today began with a different tone in that I decided to see for myself the merits of cleaning with microfiber towels.  Supposedly one could scrub, dust, wipe, dry, and polish with this little woven wonder.  When done, rinse well and hang to dry for the next round.  If the towel was dirty beyond a rinse, then it was placed in a towel hamper (little basket by the washer) as they should be washed alone and without fabric softener.  Due to their lint and dust gathering characteristics, if washed with other items, you will be picking off little "pills" for days.  I have even read that a quick toss in the dryer helps build their static properties, thus "holding" on to the dust or dirt.

With a freshly laundered batch of microfiber towels in hand, I designated colors for various tasks.  The green towels would be for the bathroom and the yellow towels were for the kitchen.  I saved the blue towels for windows and dusting.

Let's start with the bathroom...

Cleaning Products and Towels.JPG

Using my disinfectant cleaners I scrubbed the sink, shower, and faucets followed by the vanity counter tops.   The faucets shined, the counter tops glistened, and the shower sparkled.  Next up the toilet and floors.  Both were cleaned with ease and due to the drying properties, no evidence of product film was left anywhere.  As a final step, the large mirror was cleaned and polished without a streak to be seen and zero little lint remnants were left behind as previously achieved by my paper towels efforts!  I was actually enjoying this!!  The bathroom microfiber towels were rinsed and hung in the laundry room for their wash.

Next up, the kitchen.  In our kitchen there are two main areas that always give me grief:  1.  Our black appliances and 2. the smooth cooktop on the stove.  Our black appliances show every streak possible when wiping them down followed by a hand drying and try as I might with every specialty cleaner, the cooktop never shines the way I feel it should.

Using my yellow towels I started at the top and worked my way down to the floor.  Here again, the sink and faucets shined, the cupboard doors and handles glistened, and the appliances....the cooktop.....let's just say that I will NEVER clean our kitchen without my microfiber towels ever again.  Each task turned out better than expected and again, I found myself enjoying the tasks due to the results that were happening right before my eyes.

Clean stack of white dishes.JPG

Our patio door in the dining room was given the royal treatment and here too, not a streak or paper towel lint trail to be seen.  Dusting in the living room was incredibly easy as the dust was trapped in the towel and I didn't have to use much dusting spray if at all.  As I worked through the rooms, I took note of how many times I finished a job and then smiled.  I was invigorated!

Eyeglasses and IPad.JPG

Lastly, I wanted to give the computer screens, iPads, and cell phones a nice clean and polish.  Using a fresh blue microfiber window towel, I lightly sprayed it with screen cleaner and began wiping.  Perfection.  Sparkly clean perfection.  I grabbed my glasses and gave them the test too - makeup and smudges...gone. 

I even took a couple of clean microfiber towels out to the garage and, wiped down the car interiors.  The control screens in both cars collect dust and finger prints and cleaning them with rags always left dust and lint behind. 

Not this time - beautifully shiny was the result.  I tucked a clean microfiber towel in each car to use for quick wipe downs inside and out after the car wash and for the quick weekly maintenance wipe down.

As I neared the end of the cleaning projects, I was delighted to see that not only had I saved time but the garbage wasn't filled up with used paper towels!

Saving time and making the best use of time, especially on the weekends, is a huge challenge for me.  Knowing how much time I saved today, I will be that much more motivated to tackle small jobs throughout the week to stay on top of everything and have even more free time on the weekends!

Cleaning timesaver clock.JPG

I actually found enough extra time today to enjoy some creative planning, research new blog ideas, and start the editorial calendar I have been trying to do for months!  I can't recommend microfiber towels enough and am looking forward to even more cleaning discoveries with them.  Going forward, I plan to use the daylights out of these towels and will let you know how they wear as well as new ways to use them.   

Do you use microfiber towels around the house?  Are they a time saver for you?  Maybe you are considering their usage but find it hard to sway from your personal tried and true methods?  Do you have a special way you use them and would like to share?  If so, leave a comment below!  Let me know what you think because as always, I love hearing from you.''

Have a great start to the week!