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Kitchen Refresh - New Range and Vent Hood!

As the Kitchen Refresh continues it's march forward, it was a VERY exciting day when the new range and vent hood were scheduled to be installed.  We are delighted with our choice as it makes this corner of the kitchen so fresh and cohesive with the rest of the room.

We had an older almond colored range and hood vent that needed updating.  The oven was heating up slower and slower and the vent hood fan did not seem to be as strong as it once may have been despite scrubbing the screens.

As we began removing the older units, I knew I would have to remedy a strange "patch" job on the right side wall corner between the range and vent hood.  We had become accustomed  to a strange piece of molding that we figured was used to hide a paneling seam.  With the painting and priming underway, this small trim piece had to be taken down and properly fixed.

Range Before.jpg

I removed the trim piece and discovered a 1/4" gap that was far to big for just joint compound.  To solve this issue, 2" pre-scored drywall corner seam strips which worked perfectly.  I spread a light layer of joint compound on either side of the gap and carefully pressed the drywall tape into the corner.  Once it was smoothed out, I spread a top layer of joint compound over that to seal and hide the paper edges.

Pre Patch Corner.jpg
Patched Corner.jpg

When the joint compound dried, I sanded, primed, and painted the corner which resulted in a smooth finish.  With the stove removed, I was able to clean the area and fully prepare the walls for the new appliances.

The following day we received the call that the new range and vent were going to be installed!

We chose to purchase our range and vent from a local dealer and arranged all of the install details through them.  Mike and I both appreciate the customer service of our local appliance dealer and we feel good supporting small business in our community.

They began the install with the stainless hood vent and tested the fan.  The completely enclosed LED lights made the whole area sparkle.  I picked out this model especially for the completely enclosed vent which has two large screens that can simply be removed and popped into the dishwasher as needed.  What a difference from the former model! 

Next up, the range was brought in and slid in place.  Everything fit beautifully and as the packaging and tape wraps came off, I found myself absolutely delighted!! 

Photo Aug 22, 4 26 51 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 22, 5 21 38 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 22, 6 34 53 PM.jpg

The Maytag model we chose has four burner areas that include a "power element" for rapid high heat and a 5th burner that acts as a warmer.  I have to also add that the oven handle makes me smile....looks so commercial cool to me!  I call the stove top "Mike's real estate" as that is where he cooks.  My real estate is the huge three rack oven with both Bake and Convection features!!

Photo Aug 22, 7 08 01 PM.jpg

I love the look of both black and stainless together which works perfectly with the other black appliances.  I also appreciate the huge oven window which is amazing.  The oven has a smooth bottom (no coil heating element) which is new to me and so appreciated.  I may be years behind with these "new to me" features but they excite me nonetheless.  Baking is going to be incredible and Mike is going to love his stove top options!

I am now at the point in the Kitchen Refresh where the final coat of paint is going on the windows, beams, and soffit areas.  There is also a small area under the hood vent that needs touch up from where the old model was removed.  We also purchased new translucent light panels for the ceiling and Mike is going to replace the outlets from off-white to white before the new white switch plate covers are re-installed.  All of these small updates will make for a grand improvement!  

We are seeing the end of this project with the hard work of cleaning, organizing and painting coming to a close.  Now it's time for the fun and unexpected decor elements that will make this kitchen truly "ours" in look and feel.

Stay tuned for what's next!