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Kitchen Refresh Reveal

After about six weeks of working on this kitchen, I am so happy to say out loud, "we are finished!"  The only small remaining detail is the installation of white outlets to replace the old cream colored units and that will take place next week.

I could have waited until that was complete, but I was chomping at the bit to show this off!

Here is a new view of the kitchen refresh.......

I have to say, I am so happy with how this vision turned out.  This refresh included a deep clean, massive organization, many strokes of primer, and a new coat of Benjamin Moore Super White.  It now feels so light and just feels so good.

Let me take you back in time several weeks on that fateful Saturday when I just couldn't take it anymore....I was tired of the dark tunnel feeling this kitchen had.  Tired of the dark wood....tired of the 70's feel....just tired.....

I began with removing the hutch cupboard and heavy spindle.....already a BIG improvement....

Photo Jul 14, 5 30 57 PM.jpg

This main entry way needed to be a clean crisp welcome with bright clean walls, minimal styling, and fresh new areas to explore seasonal decorating.  The large open white wall was calling out for a enhancement that spoke to the "unexpected"...a surprise addition if you will!

I pondered so many options and in staying with my "fresh" objective for this room, open shelving was strongly considered, but dismissed due to the OCD I would develop with dusting.  Framed prints were also considered for this wall but also dismissed to prevent a "basic" feel that I felt coming on.

This wall needed something grand, unexpected, and beautiful....

Enter the large wood silver-gilt frame that was being stored in my lower studio....

Photo Sep 05, 4 30 41 PM.jpg

The white countertop where the hutch used to sit is now going to be the main area for taking culinary images while I explore my baking.  Nicely lit on both sides, this will be perfect for the many photo ideas I have.  When not being used for photos, it is a crisp and clean welcome to the new kitchen...

Let's continue....

Photo Sep 05, 4 25 15 PM.jpg

I will not be adding any curtains, valances, or shades to these windows.  We are heavily surrounded by woods with gorgeous trees that are decoration enough for these views.

Let me share an up-close of the frame as I am in heaven with this addition.  The silver gilt finish enhances the new stainless oven and vent hood on the opposite end and helps tie the neutral color theme together with detail.....

Photo Sep 05, 4 30 25 PM.jpg

I am getting charged up by the fact this frame is so ornate, showy, and unexpected for the theme in this room.  Loving the juxtaposition of styles and yet the colors all tying the look together.  Maybe far out on the design correctness scale but we are LOVING IT!

Moving on to the dark wood beams, soffits, and window trim.  A quick "before" reminder of where we began....

Photo Jul 15, 5 59 13 AM.jpg

And then.....the bright beautiful AFTER....

Photo Sep 05, 4 25 50 PM.jpg

I had no idea how priming and painting this dark wood would bring this room to life again.  I had hopes but no solid visual of the result.  Again, I could not be happier with the brightness!

Looking at the kitchen from the opposite dining room entrance, one can really appreciate how far this room has come.....

Photo Sep 05, 4 27 16 PM.jpg

The white wood trim gives this room an "important" feel.  This detail alone, in this REFRESH project sealed the deal for me!

Photo Sep 05, 4 29 28 PM.jpg

As the kitchen was coming together, I couldn't stop there.  I just had to add some freshness to the dining room.  This room already had the window trim previously painted in white (on the left wall that you can't see) and the walls displayed a green sage color.

Since I started this project in the hardest room in the house, the kitchen,  the dining room needed to be part of the kitchen dynamic so on went the primer and Benjamin Moore Super White to the walls and wood ceiling beam in there too...

Photo Sep 05, 4 26 28 PM.jpg

I still have a bit more work to do in the dining room and will wait to show you the full end result when it is ready.  Both rooms are tied together with a fresh and clean brightness that is going to be a joy to decorate with small fun touches!

Photo Sep 05, 4 28 43 PM.jpg

So with that, thank you for sharing this project and journey with me.  Now that the foundation has been set, I feel free to dream up new ways to decorate and refresh this house in my style, create new culinary goodies, try some DIY decor ideas, and take many many photos of the processes!

Photo Sep 05, 4 30 41 PM.jpg

If you would like to see this project from start to present, please visit these links:




Thank you again for following along during this project and I hope this inspires you to create freshness in your home.  Knowing you can create a completely different look and feel with primer, paint, organization, and cleaning, proves big results with minimal cost!