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Bare White Walls and Creatives

Bare white walls. 

Clean, fresh, and stunning. 

Bare white walls are my go-to for wall art inspiration.  

One of favorite sources of interior design visuals and writing is Hello Lovely Studio.  Michele, the creator of this amazing blog,  scours the internet for the most jaw-dropping examples of beautiful interior design styles.

Her post, "How to Choose the Best White Paint Color" was not only an informative feast for the eyes but provided this photographer a sea of blank wall art canvases to create with.

This image on her post created a creative monster within me.....

As a photographer, my passion is capturing the most simple of objects and showcasing them as a framed print.  My camera is the paintbrush, the patina and shape of the subject is the paint, and the white walls are the canvas. 

 When it comes to creativity in a gorgeous raw from, Dore from Burlap Luxe has this nailed.  Her artistic creations are so heartfelt and unique that you can't help yourself but to fall in love.

This image stirred my desire to frame my exhibition prints in unique ways...

Via Burlap Luxe

My photography style is very minimalist in nature.  The colors are quite muted as I seek to draw out the tiniest of details in the patina of the vintage objects.

When it comes to my visual need of antique furniture style and interior styling, Loi from Tone on Tone fills this bill perfectly.  The look is clean and refined, the colors in the pieces perfect, and his design projects are so on point...  

Life has been so busy with planning for the upcoming gallery exhibition.  As the solo Creative Director, Photographer, Framer, and Marketing department, I rely heavily on the creative geniuses mentioned.  They fuel my passion, push me in new directions, and provide the backdrop for my vision.

They are my Interior Design experts and I watch patiently for each new post they share.

I am grateful for the courage to create.  I am grateful for the many talented interior design leaders, and I am grateful I can follow, absorb, and imagine alongside their talents.  It is my goal to add to their visions.  

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Today will be another busy one as I have plans to straighten up my studio, create a new shoot area for new still ideas, and organize frames.  Having received a shipment of images printed on beautiful smooth matte cotton rag fine art paper, I can't wait to fit them in their mat homes, and sit them along side each other to determine their place in the display.

I tried a new frame paint color and the instant I began brushing it on it screamed for the image it wanted to own.  

I completely agreed.


PS.  In my next post, I want to share highlights of the gallery I will be showing at this upcoming August - Stay Tuned Friends!