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The Start of Sophisticated Utility Lifestyle

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At it's core, Sophisticated Utility, is best described as classic, comfortable, and caring.  Sophisticated Utility can be applied to all areas of your lifestyle no matter the economic or physical condition of one's current state.  By tearing apart "rules" and sharing "suggestions", Sophisticated Utility is an easy, inspiring, and happy way of life.

Let's start this journey with an Everyday Look of Sophisticated Utility.

Enter the tried and true white cotton shirt...

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White cotton is a staple with Sophisticated Utility.  It is the foundation of clean and comfortable.  A white cotton shirt, freshly ironed, is a treasure.  A white cotton shirt can be found ANYWHERE.  You may prefer a cotton TShirt or perhaps a short sleeve peter pan collared matter....this is YOUR white cotton shirt decision.

Finding options for your white cotton shirt style is creative and fun.  Whether browsing the thrift store for inexpensive, gently used options to splurging on a high end designer model, the white cotton shirt is a suggested must-have.

Keeping your white cottons crisp and clean is actually an enjoyable adventure.  With so many options to properly launder and/or iron, your white cottons will remain sparkly bright and my personal techniques will be shared down the road for you to consider.

As the ideal accompaniment to the white cotton shirt, a comfortable pair of jeans fits the bill.  Whether you prefer a loose fit or "skinny" style, high waist or low-rise, the key factors are fit and condition. 


Jeans, in the world of Sophisticated Utility, have the freedom to be faded and well-worn to the to the styles found in the heavier, dark rinsed family.  The only proposal is that they fit well and you love them!

At every price point, a well-fitting pair of jeans is priceless.  Thrift stores have mountains of jeans and the key is to try them on and ALWAYS check the zipper to be sure it works properly.  Different brands fit differently and numbered sizes vary significantly.  Trust me, take a few minutes and try them on - as they are intended to be a workhorse in your wardrobe, a good fit and feel is a recommended necessity.

Now that you have a basic outfit top and bottom foundation, the accessories in a wardrobe are truly a unique and personal decision.  While some prefer to add knotted scarves, statement necklaces, colorful heels, loafers, or bold earrings, the one key recommended element in the Sophisticated Utility fashion arsenal is a wristwatch... 


A wristwatch is a classic piece that is simple AND useful.  From leather band tank watches to metal bracelet styles with stones, your wristwatch is a statement piece all by itself.  Finding the ideal wristwatch is an extremely personal choice.  At every, and I do mean EVERY price point, your wristwatch becomes an integral part of your "look".  

In today's world, carrying a variety of tech devices is important for many but keeping the classic look of a wristwatch should not be overlooked.  Whether you choose a dainty or dramatic style, or a combination in your collection, wear and "utilize" your wristwatch.  Apple and Android smart watches are great but nothing beats the look of a numbered face with tiny hands that are always on duty ready to salute the time.

These are just the beginning and basic suggestions for a lifestyle of Sophisticated Utility.  Sophisticated Utility is not a set of rules that you must adhere to but rather ideas for you to consider.  Sophisticated Utility can be applied to virtually every aspect of your life easily and affordably. 

By taking the demands and requirements of a tight lifestyle qualification guide out of the equation, you are not only free to express yourself as you choose, but also inspired to change it up as much or little as you see fit.  Grab bits and pieces of the suggestions or jump into a complete lifestyle change.  Either way, you win!

I have spent a lifetime trying to "find my style" and have become frustrated when my clothing, decorating, and housekeeping tasks did not seem to fit into a particular efficient area.  They were all disjointed, inefficient, and became increasingly unimportant.  I was weary... 

It wasn't until I looked at my life very closely, studied my habits, and searched for those things that made my heart sing, that sharing Sophisticated Utility made sense.  It made every minute of every day of my life feel like "me".  It was easy and fun, it was fresh and new, it was all Sophisticated Utility.

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As I move forward with this blog, I will be sharing suggestions on everything from cleaning and cooking, dressing and housekeeping, creative passions and appreciating life more deeply.

Sophisticated Utility doesn't care if you have a $2 budget or a $2,000 budget.  Sophisticated Utility is yours to incorporate any way you choose.  Little by litte or by leaps and bounds, Sophisticated Utility takes the stress and indecision out your personal daily life.  You are the most important person to yourself and Sophisticated Utility loves that about you!

This afternoon I am spending time with my cleaning tasks and trying a "new-to-me" cleaning tool.  As simple and inexpensive as it is, I am looking forward to discovering how it may or may not help with my housekeeping routine....I will keep you posted on the result of this experiment!

Thank you for sharing your time with me and please let me know your thoughts on these new ideas...I always love and appreciate hearing from you.