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How a Chromebook is changing my blogging

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** This is NOT a sponsored post - I am simply sharing a product and idea that work well for me **

t's late Sunday afternoon....4:50pm.  Another wonderful weekend in the books…Housecleaning and laundry are done.  A major garage organizing project completed.  Clothes are ready for work tomorrow and the grill is fired up for a wonderful evening supper outside.  Yes, all is good except for the nagging feeling of another weekend gone by and nothing created for the blog.

I try to reason with myself that there are only so many hours available in a day and yet the ideas and thoughts for blog posts linger like pesky gnats buzzing around my head.  I know once the work week starts tomorrow morning, Monday through Friday will fly by and I will find myself in the same situation next weekend.

And so it goes...

I work full time outside of the home for many reasons.  The first involves mental challenge and the satisfaction of "making a difference".  Both of these combined with a steady paycheck and health insurance make this a no-brainer.

Work is necessary to enjoy the life we lead.  Work is necessary to enjoy the hobbies we love.  Should be pretty straight-forward carving out time to be creative and develop a blog in the midst of all of this right?


The written blog post ideas, excitedly planned on the drive to work, seem to fade by the end of the day.  Lay out clothes for the next work day and it starts all over again.

There had to be an answer and I had to find it!

I have a goal and without the ability to write 1-2 blog posts per week, I was falling farther and farther behind in my creative dreams and goals.  I was on a slippery slope of non-creative productivity. 

I have spoken about photography many times on this blog and that is my main creative passion.  By utilizing some simple studio lighting in our home, I can take images night or day.  To use the images in my blog posts, Lightroom is my edit tool of choice and that is perfect on my desktop PC and large monitor.  I am happy at my desk working on my images. 

Backwards Leaves 8x10.JPG

But what about the content?  The simple act of writing words to go with the images?  The sharing of thoughts, tips, or ideas spinning in my head?  How do I find my blogging "voice" when I can't even find the time to get the great ideas out of my head and onto the screen for all to see?

When I create a still life image photo shoot, I have a vision and small stories come to mind.  It is with writing that I can add another layer of art to my images.  Writing, with practice, will provide a deeper understanding of why the subject was chosen and what I felt photographing it.  Writing will enhance my scope as the artistic notions dancing in my head need to be pulled out and shared along with the visual photograph.

Bucket Handle Right  8x10-1.JPG's the writing of the post that is challenging the free time available...yes, I needed more time to write.  To learn to write better, stronger, and with more emotion.  To capture in words what I want my images to reflect.  A story, a lesson, a thought, an essay....writing....

Then one afternoon, on my drive home from work, it hit me.  Almost 95% of what I do on my computer is internet based.  My images are edited in LightroomCC and stored in Dropbox.  My blog platform, Squarespace, is internet based and I design the layout and produce the blog posts completely online.  I am a solid, hardcore, 95% internet based user. 

I determined I needed something smaller than the desktop PC and certainly more portable.  Something that I could take and use anywhere to work on my writing.  I wanted something with a keyboard and yet a full blown laptop seemed overkill.  I wanted small but larger than my iPad.  I needed a writing tool.

After much research and reviews reading, I made the decision to try a new tool... 

The Chromebook!! 

Since I already have my blog/business email set up through Google's GSuite, my Squarespace site working perfectly and being developed with the Chrome browser, easy access to both Dropbox (image storage) and Google Drive (text docs for posts), I was all set.

I have had my Chromebook for about two weeks and am happy beyond happy.  I can sit outside in the evenings, rather than at desktop in the house, working on post content.  I am now able to "work" anywhere I want!  In my favorite living room chair, outside on the patio, on my lunch many more options! 

This is just the tip of the iceberg in new found productivity!  I have found that by having another option to write, I feel less pressure to sit at the PC desk.  

The Google Chromebook is offered by several big names in the PC market and it pays to spend some time looking over features that really matter to you.  Do you want a touchscreen?  How big of screen do you feel comfortable with?  A backlit keyboard?  What is your budget?  Chromebooks are available at every price point!  

Spend some time searching Amazon for great insight with the reviews in your price point.  Google "chromebook reviews" for even more articles of interest.  Learn all you can about GSuite and cloud storage (online AND offline productivity).

So as we speak, I am finishing one of several posts currently in process.  Setting up a monthly editorial calendar, and the ideas keep coming.

Ball Jar 8x10.JPG

I plan to do 100% of my blog writing on my Chromebook over the next several months and will share what I learn along the way.

I now feel back on track with more content generation inching me closer to the dreams that initiated this blog to begin with.

We'll talk soon,