Joan Marie Co.

Creating Sophisticated Utility as a Culinary Photographer


Working a 9 to 5 outside of the home, developing a blog, being creative, and having too many ideas and too little time is a challenge many of us face.  You have a dream, a vision, a try and try again to make these a often end up disappointed in the results. 

Rather than floundering in daily frustration with the lack of accomplishments, Joan Marie Co. is a resource for finding work/life balance, exploring artistic endeavors, and finding contentment in a fast-paced world of noise, nonsense, and neglect.

I am thrilled you have stopped by for a visit and let's chat about our ideas, our goals, and our successes.  Together, let's spread the enthusiasm of small wins, let's celebrate the magnificent moments of joy, and let's encourage the world!

Come on in...the coffee is ready...a new daily life approach is waiting to be discovered and shared...   

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I picked up a camera about 2010 and have not looked back.  Having always been enamored with beautiful visuals in magazines and books, I strive to create my own.  I shoot in a family room studio in our home with simple lighting, 98% of the time in aperture priority, and basic equipment.  I believe that art and beauty are found in the "simple" and when it comes from the heart...that "simple" is truly "magnificent". 

Don't let the fear of learning to use your camera in manual mode prevent you from capturing what makes your heart sing!  After all, it is not tools or equipment that make art rather the hand and mind that move them forward.  Step inside my gallery to see what I mean...



In a world of instant information access, it can be hard to find the ideas, solutions, or inspiration you need.  You have tried the personal planner to stay organized, you have tried to purge your surroundings of clutter, and after working all day at your 9 to 5, there is little time left to work on your projects, goals, or art.  I feel you...I get it...I live it.  So what do we do?

I find that most people seek encouragement and when the results of our dreams are achieved, if even in the small ways, the momentum builds.  People need people.  People need truly actionable and attainable by all types of positive suggestions.  People need hope and accomplishment.  The blog at Joan Marie Co. aspires to be a solid resource for you and all the while to remain realistic, and encouraging.  Come along and poke are sure to find something unique and refreshing to apply to your own life...    



Over the past several years, I have dabbled in many areas with this blog.  Whether it was an Etsy business venture, creating a photo shoot set, or simply capturing moment in life with pictures and words.  There is a vast sea of information in the archives that all led to the new blog.  So many ideas, so many wins, so many losses and lessons.  Rather than remove these posts and start fresh, I have kept them in the Archives not only to remind myself of where I have been but to use as a foundation for moving forward and perhaps sharing a lesson that you may find useful for your own situation.

Step inside to see how I have lived and learned, what I created, blogged about, and where I began.  It is a two year journey of many side roads, main highways, and wooded paths...