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Welcome to Sophisticated Utility


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Hello you…you curious soul. I am very happy you are here and I bet you want to find out more about this Sophisticated Utility lifestyle stuff I speak of. This site, formerly known as JoanMarie Company as evolved into Sophisticated Utility which is an expression that I developed for myself and is best described as follows:

“living life with a beautiful sense of realism, excitement, and curiosity”


all things, thoughts, and actions made up of grace and beauty


all things purposeful, hardworking, down to earth, and humble

When you combine these two incredible words…..the results are AMAZING.


And I am excited to share a lifestyle of Sophisticated Utility with you!

I have taken the time on many occasions throughout my life to evaluate how I can live the best life for me. How I can authentically be the best person I envision and how to be truly and genuinely be happy.

I have explored so many blogs that speak of living minimally and maximally. Blogs that help to define a home decorating style or how to keep a spotless house and be a better cook. Tips that tell me how to travel like a pro, organize my time for hobbies while working a full time job and taking care of a household. The list goes on and on.

While all of this reading was taking place, I grew increasingly anxious as I tried to meld into those lifestyle ideals on the former blog (joanmariecompany) and found myself frustrated. My blog post writing did not feel or sound like me.

Everything felt “off” in a sense and it didn’t seem like a good use of time or resources. Like a square peg in a round hole. Simply not happy.

Why was it so damn hard to “fit in” as me??……so hard to make it all work and be happy? Was I making this more complicated than it needed to be? Maybe I should just shut down the blog altogether and move on? Where was my niche that I was supposed to have? Why wasn’t I gravitating to SEO best practices to “get myself out there”? When was I supposed to set up and engage with all of the social media channels?

Then it hit me. Hard. I WAS making it more complicated than it needed to be!


Simply put, I really love my life.

I love my family. I love my friends. I love my job. I love my home. I love my hobbies.

And when I started to write down the thousands of reasons why, it quickly became apparent that maybe I was on to something. That all of this good stuff I have lived and learned is magical. That everything I have achieved in my life is all due to my choices and actions. Even how i look at the beauty in the world is quite unique and inspiring.

I needed to just share “me”.

Just. Me.

So here we are with a new blog, new thoughts, new writing, new dreams, new goals.

With these written notes, I created basically documented how I live….


To really appreciate the depth of a Sophisticated Utility lifestyle, I looked for common denominators in my list and created 5 easy steps that are not only simple in nature but profound in results.


5 Easy Steps to a Sophisticated Lifestyle

  1. Quality OVER Quantity ALWAYS

  2. Forgive yourself and always move forward

  3. Feed your brain with with written inspiration

  4. Work your jobs with all your heart

  5. Save and splurge on simple things that make your heart sing

If this list seems simple to you then you are already on your way!!

A lifestyle of Sophisticated Utility should not be seen as a new trendy notion but as a green light to let yourself be delighted with who you are and where you are at - without labels or strict standards and instructions. Sophisticated Utility is just plain common sense with heart and soul. These steps are not rules but simply easy suggestions that are gentle reminders to carry daily no matter where you are.

Are you with me??

Sophisticated Utility will touch EVERY aspect of your life from family, work, and your passions, to the life events you have yet to experience. You will be prepared to take on any challenge, big or small, knowing you are ready to meet it head on.

You will be the best YOU in the whole world!

As we move ahead on this blogging agenda, I will break down each step and provide you with simple tips of tried and true methods for anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, to explore and embrace, thus creating a lifestyle of Sophisticated Utility!

Coming from a woman who has lived on this earth for 50+ years, graduated college, married, bought real estate, had children, achieved professional careers in a variety of industries, divorced, and found love again, I bring this lifestyle to you with skin in the game. I have lived through many situations and finally…FINALLY found a truly happy place with Sophisticated Utility!

No matter what life hands me moving forward - I got this.

Sounds nice right? Ready to give it a try?

If so, prepare yourself for your own AHA moments that will fit YOU perfectly!

We are just scratching the surface with this intro. There are mountains of ideas to be shared at each step of Sophisticated Utility and I look forward to your thoughts. Please leave a comment below if you like or if just reading these words is enough to make you happy then Welcome Aboard!

It is going to be a beautiful ride - I promise.